August Meeting Minutes Meeting was help August 2nd at Station 58. Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. President Bill attended the Chamber of Commerce meeting on July 20th. Reports that there will be a food truck rodeo help at the post office and gazebo area. Concerns that it might take away from the food we will be selling. After-Parade Route was okayed to return to the venue. Chief Desantis stated that the entrance needs to be open since it is a public way. Discussion about whether to have him come down ahead of time to make sure we are at the correct spots. Concern about the bank ATM possibly being open - To be looked into more and resolved. Mike Nugai went down to the show area and mapped out the parking lot. See figure 1. Discussion about possibly moving the food up front more to compete with the food truck rodeo. To be discussed more when we go down to the venue. Also noted that there is no power so we will need a generator. Reminder to keep track of the traffic flow in case we decide to use the venue again and can try to close down the entrances. Discussion about having restrooms on-site. Tom Touponce to discuss with Chamber. Discussion about parking trailers/ trucks. Bill to have conversation with LB about potentially using their lot. Discussion about food: possibly have a local business such as Riverdale provide the burgers and hotdogs. John Garrity and Tom to review what we did last year and contact Josh. Dani to create a registration link to get an idea of how many trucks will be attending. We need all hands on deck so we will need volunteers to move the trucks into place, help cook and serve food. Discussion about raffles. Decided to do a 50/50 with a pre-made sheet with numbers so people don’t need to write their names on every ticket. Ed North to complete that task. Discussion about entry forms and registration forms. Mike informed that there were some already made up for us to use. Agreed to meet at the venue 8:00 a.m. August 12TH. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 Optional Meeting held August 12TH at the Price Chopper Parking lot. 8:00 a.m. Reviewed where to place cooking station, and grill trailers. Decided to keep where Mike Nugai suggested on map. Will make posters advertising food and prices to place out front to try to pull people from the food truck rodeo. Reviewed that we will need people there early to help secure parking spots for fire trucks. Discussion held to order fire hats to give to children. Next meeting to be held September 6th at 6:00.